Urgent! Quiz and/or freeform question situation

Apr 02, 2014

If the learner does not get 100% on the quiz then they must retake the lesson.  That's working fine.  However, when they come to the quiz again, they can't click through it (actual quiz) since it has already been completed or the previously selected answers are highlighted (freeform questions).  We don't want feedback for any of these questions.

I have activated the number of attempts and reset to unlimited, but once I select the question feedback to none, it resets to "1" attempt.  I have also left provide question feedback setting on and simply deleted the responses and left them blank and the attempt is set to 'unlimited.  However, neither solution works.

Please advise.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Robbin,

Are you using the Review button or the Retry button? The Retry button on the Results slide should reset the questions. The Retry button isn't placed on the Results Slide by Default, but it can be added if you go to the Results slide

  1. Click Edit Results slide in the right-hand pane
  2. Click Options on the left
  3. Check the box to Allow users to retry the quiz

If that wasn't it, can you perhaps show some screen shots or upload an example for the community to take a look?

Robbin Hessa


Thanks so much for your quick reply.  The 'retry quiz' button works fine when I set the results slide to "allow user to retry quiz".  However, what I'm trying to accomplish is the following:

1.  If the learner fails the quiz, they will be redirected back to the beginning of the lesson and then retake the quiz again.

2.  However, the original answers highlighted from the first attempt are displayed and the learner can not enter new responses.  It appears to be locked when trying to retake the quiz immediately after reviewing the lesson.

3.  It appears that there are two separate triggers.  One, "retry quiz" and two, return to the beginning of the lesson.

How can I make the learner retake the lesson and quiz?  One right after the other?

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