Network Restriction on Office Laptop | Which sites to be whitelisted for using media library of Articulate SL360?

Jun 05, 2023


I am currently experiencing difficulties accessing the media library while using Articulate Storyline 360 on my office laptop. Our network security team has implemented restrictions on certain websites due to security concerns, resulting in an error message whenever I attempt to access the media library (Please check you connection to Articulate 360 and try again).

After consulting with the IT team, they have agreed to whitelist the websites from which Articulate fetches its assets (Photos, Videos, Illustrations). To proceed with this, I need assistance in compiling a list of websites that should be whitelisted. Could someone please provide me with the list of websites that need to be whitelisted?

Thank you!

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Mahesh, 

Thanks for reaching out!

You can check out this article to see all of the endpoints that you need to add to your organization's whitelist to allow all Articulate 360 applications to work properly. 

Feel free to open a case with our support team here if you have any additional questions or clarifications!