Neue Helvetica Font issues-- Storyline 360

Feb 11, 2020

Hi there, 

I'm having issues with the Neue Helvetica series font in Storyline 360.  I've looked through some other threads and made some changes to my settings, but that didn't work.  

The issue: When building the font looks great, but when I preview it, the letters overlap and it looks like it was translated into another language (there are accent marks over letters).  I've attached 2 pictures to show that I tried using different test boxes, shapes, and font sizes, but still get the same results in preview.  


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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Paola!

So sorry you're facing this problem, and I'm glad you reached out for help! I see you're already working closely with Ji Yun to see if we can isolate the cause of the overlapping font.

Here's the unique upload link from your case if you could share your version of the Neue Helvetica font privately with him!

If there's anything I can answer, I'll be here!

Luciana Piazza

Hello Ivona!

So sorry to hear you are experiencing this on your end. I understand how frustrating the text not displaying correctly can be. 

I have opened a Support Case on your behalf in order to get to the bottom of this. One of our talented Support Engineers will be in touch via email shortly. 

Have a great week!

Colin Phillips

I have Helvetica Neue loaded into the latest release of Storyline but instead of showing the family it only shows me light weight but when I use it the text is regular weight. It will not show more than one weight. My other colleagues have the same issue so I guess its a bug. Is anyone looking into this?

Jose Tansengco

Hi Casper, 

Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue. We are still monitoring the issue where Helvetica fonts are not rendering correctly in the published output, but we'll be sure to leave a message here when we have any new updates to share. As a workaround, consider using a different font for your course. You can use Storyline 360's Replace Fonts feature to quickly switch the fonts that your course is using.