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Nov 13, 2013

This is an odd question, but is there a way to set it so that the course "never" completes?  We're using Storyline to create Digital Forums which is the Facilitator's online materials for ILTs.  We put the PPT decks, Faciliator Guide and any other materials they need in resources.   In Cornerstone, once it's used once is shows "complete" and goes to the Transcript tab.  We'd like it so it doesn't complete, thus staying in Active Training.

It might be a Cornerstone thing, but wanted to see if Storyline has a means to never "close" the course.

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Bob S


There are a couple of "work arounds" that pop to mind...

1) Find out which pair(s) of SCORM values your LMS likes for completion, and set Storyline to send something different.

eg If your LMS likes "pass/incomplete" then set Storyline to send "complete/fail"

2) Set the completion criteria in Storyline itself to something that is impossible.

eg Set it completion based on viewing 10 slides, then create a hidden slide that is not in the menu so they only can view 9

There may be a more elegant answer, but if not hopefully these ideas might help.

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