New Articulate 360 Feature: Content Library Media

Mar 07, 2017

Hi everyone,

We’ve just released a major expansion to Content Library – your subscription now includes over 1.5 million beautiful photos, illustrations, icons, and videos for use in your Storyline projects!

The catalog covers a wide range of subjects from professional and office environments to people, the natural world, and a range of every day objects. All are royalty free with no attribution required.

Once inserted onto your slide, they behave just like normal images, videos, and shapes, so you can apply effects, re-color them etc. This makes them incredibly flexible and the easiest way to make visually rich, engaging courses.

Check out Arlyn’s video for more info:

And here's the full Content Library Media Documentation.

To get started, just update your 360 Desktop App and then update Storyline 360.

For an overview of everything in the March ’17 update, see our What’s New Page.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Darren,

Are you looking for information on where it'll download to when you go to insert an item from Content Library into your course, or for what will happen when a user goes to view the course after you've published it?

If the first question, you can find that information documented here.

The latter doesn't download to the users' computer unless you've shared with them a CD published output - and then the media files will be included in that output folder. If you've got the web or LMS output, and a user chooses to download a media file, it'll be controlled by the browser

Kyle Main

Oh, also the first reply on this thread that is talking about Vector images is a big deal.  No one has replied that I saw.  Scaling graphics is a big plus!  File size is smaller too.  I know Flash can handle this with ease.  I'm not sure if the wait is because of HTML5 and all browsers not being able to display .svg or other vector formats.  would be nice to know


Steve Hazelton

Any idea what caused Kyle's problem to get fixed? Our IT dude is working on firewall issues that were blocking the downloads. Case has been opened, Eloisa has been helping. Mostly resolved by now but at least one very odd one still unresolved - I am only getting some of the photos. For example, when I search Photos for "Nurse" I get three pics - a mom nursing, piglets nursing, and a chimpanzee nursing. Cute, but not useful when you work in a hospital. Thought I would throw it out to the community for ideas while waiting to hear back from IT.

Kyle Main

I'm very happy with the Content Library, even when the videos don't download.

When I have downloaded a couple videos, I going to edit the video with special effects using Adobe After Effects, but I'm not sure how to get the video out of Storyline like we can do with images to make edits.

I am able to use Replay 360 and Snag-it to record the video while playing on the monitor, and then save and take that into After Effects to edit.

I'm hoping there is a feature with 360 that lets us do more than basic edit/cropping/trimming without the workaround.


- Kyle

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