New Hire Template

I am trying to downlong and use this SL 1 file with SL 2 and it does not seem to be downloading correctly because when I try and import into my SL 2 file this is the error message that I am getting.  file appears in folder as SL1-organization.storytemplate.  When i changed the extension to .story iw when I got this message.  Other wise it would not open at all.  suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kim,

I can't imagine it would cause an issue if it works for Wendy, but can you try renaming the file to remove the dash ( - ) marks? The first error message is something we've seen when files don't adhere to the guidelines here. Also I generally look at opening from within Storyline to ensure it's opening in the right update/version. 

Kim H

Thank you for your patience and assistance.  I did get it to download correctly, I was not opening it from the file on my local computer (we have a crazy way of getting off the network and I had forgotten about that step :( 

The download appears to have all of the templates, curious, the functionality of the demo did not seem to carry over.  Is that typical?