Storyline 1 and Storyline 2 on same machine

Sep 23, 2014

Hi - I support both Storyline 1 & 2 (and presenter 9 & 13) ... so all software is required.

I know presenter 9 & 13 need to live on 2 different machines, but an told that storyline 1 & 2 can peacefully co-exist.

My issue/question.  Once I loaded SL-2 onto my machine, all my file types (i.e. icons) were changed to SL-2,

and if I double click on them to open - it will automatically open them in storyline 2.  The only way to edit my SL-2 files is to open Storyline 1, then browse for the SL-1 project I want to open..
Even after doing so, and saving the project, it is still listed as an SL-2 project (i.e. icon is SL-2, and will open with SL-2 if double clicked).

QUESTION: Is there a way to change the "file type" back to SL-1 (I've tried via properties, but even if I actually choose the SL-1 executable as the file type, it does not actually change it - it keeps it as SL-2).?

This is of concern to me, as, after finishing the project, I'll need to send the source (in this case the .story) back to the client, in case they want to modify in the future.  If the client only has/supports SL-1, I'm guessing the file type would come up w/ an unknown type, & they'd have to find the file type during the open process. (I know, not huge ... but not great either).

A second possible scenario:  If they have both SL-1 and SL-2, but the project is supposed to be SL-1 - my sending them a SL-1 .story 'disguised' as an SL-2, may lead to the possibility of the client accidently upgrading the .story to SL-2 when attempting to open the story - once they make a change in SL-2 and save it ... then it's stuck as an SL-2 project.  SL-1 will no longer be able to open the project.

SO - is there any way for one to have 2 separate file types? One for SL-1 and one for SL-2?

If not now, any possibility of that for the future?



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