show error message at the time of save file

Nov 19, 2014


At the time of working SL 2 they show me error message  whenever I save my file.

Below i share snap for this.


So that's why I am not able to save file & Publish also.

How to handle with this issue. 


Thanks & Regards

Akash Jambhorkar



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Akash,

We've seen this error recently when users were upgrading files from Storyline 1 to Storyline 2 - although it's not consistent or reproducible on our end. It seems to be file and system specific, and our team has seen that removing problematic slides with video, images etc. prior to the upgrade allows that to go successfully. The best way to determine if this will work for you is to try importing a few slides at a time from your Storyline 1 project into Storyline 2, and saving after each import. Once you see that message again, try to remove the previous slides and try again with the next in succession. You'll then have to recreate the problematic slides from scratch in Storyline 2. 

Our team is continuing to investigate this issue, so I've added this thread to the existing report filed with our QA team. If you'd like to have us take a deeper look at your files to provide more data to our team, we're happy to do so. Please share the problematic .story file with our team here and please reference this thread as well so that they're aware of the connection to the known issue. 

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