New in Storyline 360: Even More Accessibility Features and Enhancements

Sep 28, 2021

Empowering you to build great learning experiences for all your learners is essential. We’re excited to bring you another batch of accessibility features and improvements that’ll help you do just that.

Modern Player Accessible Contrast

Now when you use the modern player in Storyline 360, you can work confidently, knowing that the built-in features in the player actually exceed the WCAG AA guidelines for visual contrast and color. That way all your learners can read text, decipher icons, perceive controls, and navigate easily.

Here’s what it looks like:

Dark Theme


Light Theme


What a difference, right? That’s the great thing about accessibility. It improves the learning experience for everyone.

Learn more about the Modern Player Accessible Contrast feature.

Two-Color Focus Indicator

You can now choose not just one but two focus colors to ensure that learners using a keyboard to navigate can always see what they’re selecting no matter what color the background is.

Learn more about the Two-Color Focus Indicator feature.

Captions Font Size

Another feature we’ve added is the ability to increase the font size of your closed captions without changing the player font size when you use the modern player. That way, you can make closed captions easier to read for all learners.


Learn how to change the font size for closed captions.

Logo Alt Text

Finally, you can now add alt text to your company logo or hide it from accessibility controls if you don’t feel it’s necessary—giving you more control over the learner experience.


Learn how to add alt text to your logo.

With these new features, you’ve got more power and control to design great learning experiences for all your learners. Stay tuned to our What’s New page to find out about the latest accessibility features and head over to our Feature Roadmap to see what’s to come.

22 Replies
Erich Renken

Agreed, this is great news. One thing that strikes me, though, is that some features (Two-Color Focus Indicator) are being added only to the modern player. Is there a plan to also bring those features to the classic player or should I expect that some features will only ever be available in the modern player?

Sarah Ednay

Is there any plan for accessibility improvements for using Storyline itself as a developer? The system fonts and buttons are just so terribly tiny, blurry and low contrast. I've tried various settings on my PC, that help to improve other programmes on a wide screen, but has no impact whatsoever on Storyline. I really don't think I'm going to be able to use it (I'm on a trial)....

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Sarah.

Thank you for reaching out!

We have a feature request logged for Accessible Authoring in Storyline 360.

I will update this discussion if I have any news to share or if this request makes it to our feature roadmap. 

In the meantime, I hope others in the community might have some tips on settings that might be helpful for you!

Iris Schlabitz

Hi, I love the additional feautures in the most recent update of Storyline. However I discovered a bug that is quite irritating:

When one adds a wipe from left to right per paragraph effect to text, the animation no longer keeps to the actual length entered, but rather to the length of the timeline. This makes further animation difficult.

Can you kindly check that?

Thank you!

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Iris.

Thank you for reaching out!

I'm not able to reproduce this issue when using Storyline 360 Build 3.63.27628.0.

Here's an example:

Windows 10 (1) 2022-04-29 at 10.20.45 AM

I added squares that show up every half a second on the timeline (which should match when the next paragraph appears):

Screen Recording 2022-04-29 at 10.23.19 AM

Let me know if you're experiencing something different.

francois marais

little question about the modern reader. there are 3 modes; dark, light and personalized.

I do not see how in the personalized mode, we can change all the colors of the player?

and while i'm here

is it possible to reduce the size of this player, it takes a lot of space for not much especially at the top just to display a menu button
Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Francois.

The Custom Color in the Modern Player allows you to change the background color (which automatically adjusts the font color based on contrast), accent color, and the accessibility focus colors.

If your design allows, you can remove the player's menus and controls, maximizing the content. 

Take a look at this article that describes which elements add to the overall size of the Modern Player:

I hope this helps!

Joe Tansengco

Hi Jennifer,

Storyline 360 currently doesn't support adding multiple Closed Caption files in the Player, but there is already an open feature request to have this added to Storyline 360. I've added your voice to the request, and we'll let you know when there's an update for it. Here's a quick look at how we handle feature requests for your reference.  

Claire Weaver

Because of client requirements we are still using the classic player. We are in process of finalizing a course, but our 508-compliance review found an issue where the highlight boxes that appear for user of screen readers are not appearing above the hyperlink text on screen, but are appearing offset to the left or right. In some cases additional highlight boxes are also appearing, in addition to those that are appropriately appearing above the linked text on screen.

We have had success fixing this in one instance (one out of 125 slides) where rebuilding the text box containing the link(s) has resolved the issue, but has not worked in other instances.

We've submitted a ticket to support along with sample slides where we are encountering the issue.

Has anyone else encountered this issue before?

Chrysti Neuman


I'm new to the community! I had a question regarding Storyline's Focus Order. It's including a "Master Slide - Line" that I can't find on the Master Slide or the project slides. It won't let me delete it from the Focus Order, only move it to the end of the list. I just don't want a screen reader to say "line" if there is no line. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!