New objects in states do always show in SL x64

Dec 19, 2023

New objects in states show whatever the state is.

I'm used to add new objects or cut/paste the main object in states so I can add animations when switching states (for instance have a button blink once in orange). It seems that this feature doesn't work anymore in SL x64. Instead, the added object I put in a mouseover state, shows also on normal state.

That's a real bummer, because this trick has been used as a core feature in all my courses. I hope you can bring back this feature in SL x64 !!!

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Hello Ron, thanks so much for your answer. 


Hahaha I managed to reproduce the problem. 

What am I trying to do ? A button that when it changes from disabled to normal state, flashes once in orange, by adding an orange object in the state.

So there might be the gist of it : There's no way to "turn off" an object you add in a state. Even if it carries over the trigger : "turn to disabled state at the end of the entry animation", it just does the entry animation and stays on. I've made a quick file to show what's happening. I guess there might be some way to get this "blink orange once when you switch to normal state" working ? 

If only there was an animation loop option in Storyline :(


I think you might be right, because on another project this worked, quite well, as I was used to ... So I guess this might have more to do with a property related to the object I pasted in the state (maybe its own timeline, or a trigger I didn't remove ?). I noted that some properties are carried over in the states and can mess up with those.

In my other project, I pasted a new object and animated it on state change, so all might be well after all :)

Cheers and happy new new year to all Articulate community members !!