New Storyline Transcript Feature Accessibility Issues

Jun 16, 2023

I have been testing Storyline's New Transcript Feature and I have some questions about how this should be implemented to ensure it is accessible. The transcript feature seems to go into a secondary player that is always hidden. The user can use the keyboard or mouse to access the secondary player.

Is that correct or is there a way to make that player consistently visible? 

I know that a lot of the duplicates can be removed from the main player manually but it creates an accessibility issue to have two player controls for the same video. This could be confusing for some users and adds additional keystrokes to navigate for people who only use the keyboard or people who use screen reading software. Hopefully, in a future update the transcript feature can be integrated into the main player. 

I'm noting that the transcript feature is named "Open" by default. It can be renamed by going into the Player Properties and Text Labels. It is variable 237 in the list.  Another feature request is to provide the transcript with an accessible name by default. 

When I tested the focus order of the transcript with VoiceOver the close button seemed to be out of order too. I was able to navigate the timecode/transcript in the transcript pane with VoiceOver successfully. 

The strategy I've been using is to copy the transcript into the notes section. I do not include the time code with the transcript. I believe that is the most accessible option right now until the new transcript feature is improved. 

Thank you for your help and I hope you have a great weekend. 


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Jose Tansengco

Hello Auston,

Thanks for letting us know about the enhancements that you'd like to see for the Video Transcripts feature of Storyline 360. We've added your voice to the feature request that we have open for improvements to how users interact with the video transcript feature, and we'll be sure to leave a message here when these improvements make it to our product roadmap