New to Storyline: Can You Customize Closed Captions?

I'm new to Articulate Storyline, (I've been using Captivate for more than 10 years, and I have a question about closed captions. Beyond changing the font and the font size, are there other ways that you can customize closed captions? Can you change the fill color or the font color of the closed caption? Or can you move the closed caption to another spot on the slide?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Doug!

I'm happy to help!

First, make sure the Closed Captioning is turned on in the Player Properties. Here's a quick look at how to do this. 

Do you see the same issue when publishing the course? If so, do you mind sharing your file with us? We'll take a look a determine what might be preventing the captions from showing up? Here's an upload link.