New Version on Storyline 360 is Unstable

Apr 08, 2020

Ever since I was forced to download the new version of Storyline 360 on Monday (4-6-20), I've had problems with it crashing on me.  So I installed the newer version of Storyline 360 on Tuesday (4-7-20) and it's just as unstable.  I go to save the file and it says that it unexpectedly had to shut down, or something to that effect.

It's awful that you force users to install a newer version when it's unstable.  This is affecting my productivity and I'm under immense deadlines right now.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ron,

Thanks for contacting us to share the difficulty you've experienced in the last couple of updates.

How can you install a previous version?

You can install a previous version of Storyline 360 with the following steps:

  1. Hover over the Storyline 360 app in the Articulate 360 Desktop Application
  2. Click Other Versions from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Install on the version number you would like to install.

In addition, I wanted to address the other items you mentioned:

Is installing an update necessary?

While we certainly advise staying up-to-date to take advantage of the latest features and fixes, you can still open and use the software without updating:

Why are the newest versions of Storyline 360 crashing on me?

I'm not sure why you are experiencing this behavior, but that's not expected. I've opened a support case on your behalf with the information you've shared here so that you can work 1:1 with a support engineer. You should be hearing from someone soon.

Ron Conforti

I reinstalled the March version and no longer seem to be experiencing the issues.


Ron Conforti
Instructional Designer
T (724) 741-8052
M (724) 989-0839

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Simon and welcome to E-Learning Heroes,

I agree that we want the software to be stable. I appreciate you contacting us and sharing that you're running into sign-in trouble. 

Are you seeing an error when this happens?

The users above mentioned having issues with the software crashing, so it sounds like you're experiencing a different issue.

Mat Hankel

Hi there, I experience crashing of Storyline 360 since thre month now on my HP Zbooks. One had Windows 10 and Storyline - newest version - crashed when I opened the player settings.

So I sadly stopped using Storyline on that machine and changed all my project files to anolder machine. 


Now, on my older Zbook, its still windows 8.1 I experience crashes first time today. I get very frustrated now. Even the newest Update doesnt change that. It will crash after some actions within one minute or so. 

This is the report: 

Problemereignisname: CLR20r3
Problemsignatur 01: Storyline.exe
Problemsignatur 02: 3.41.22450.0
Problemsignatur 03: 5eeaa20e
Problemsignatur 04: Articulate.Drawing
Problemsignatur 05: 6.41.22450.0
Problemsignatur 06: 5eeaa1f2
Problemsignatur 07: c7
Problemsignatur 08: fc
Problemsignatur 09: System.ComponentModel.Win32
Betriebsystemversion: 6.3.9600.
Gebietsschema-ID: 2055
Zusatzinformation 1: de17
Zusatzinformation 2: de178c87a7a12dcc1d9903908fcc588f
Zusatzinformation 3: 4e12
Zusatzinformation 4: 4e1277a2dd55b3b50e00638a6a8eca8f

I have a deadline of a big project next week. Please help. 

Nancy Jourdain

My teammates and I have been experiencing a lot of issues with Articulate lately. There hasn't been one course in the 6 weeks that we have worked on for which we have not experienced technical issues.

The system will suddenly crash. It won't allow us to save or preview. We suddenly are unable to publish or open the file. We've been thinking that we needed the newest upgrade as often it would resolve the issue but it has become incessant. I will recommend my teammates to go back to the March version.

Katie Riggio

Hi Nancy,

Sudden roadblocks like those sound frustrating. You and your team are not alone in this, and I'm glad you reached out!

I'm going to share these details with our Support Engineers so we can determine what's happening. Since you have a Teams subscription, you'll get access to priority support, so look out for our team's email shortly! 

Andrea Koehntop
Hi Alison, Thank you for reaching out!
I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with Storyline 360. I have a few questions to narrow down the issue:
If a repair doesn’t solve the issue, I’d like to connect you with one of our support engineers. You can open a case here.