New version of SL 360 today but no release notes up?

Hi there,

I just received a notification that a new version of Storyline 360 is available. I'm already running the October 29 update so I checked and it is indeed a new build number (3.33.20697.0). I don't see any release notes for it on the support website yet (9:08 am EST). 

I like to know what I'm getting into before updating - any notes forthcoming?

Thanks so much!

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Leah Hemeon

Hi Leslie - I've already submitted a support ticket but in case you can help (or someone else is also experiencing this too)... I updated to the Nov 5 version after reading the release notes. I immediately started getting random issues and the copy/paste issue in Parallels started happening more frequently. Finally, I restarted my entire system Windows, Parallels, Mac OS) and went back into my project. Now it's just crashing all over the place. I tried to downgrade to last week's release but in my Articulate window I don't have that option - the next latest version is Sept 24. Is there a way to get the Oct 29 version back??