Newbie: URL/File Target Question

May 22, 2014

I am building my first complete course using Storyline so I have quite a few questions. First, my courses typically employ a ton of external files published with the course (the course distributed via web or CD). The external files include videos, pdfs, PPTs, etc.

When I configure the trigger (Jump to URL/File) and browse to the file I am will end up with a file reference such as: C:\Books\Forward 20\Course\Forward Brochure Overview.pdf.

Of course the full reference will not be accurate when the course is launched from the web or CD, so should I remove the full path information, leaving just the file name (i.e., Forward Brochure Overview.pdf) and ensure that the external files are included in the published content? Seems to work fine in my testing. Or, can I leave the full file path reference, assuming the published version will locate the file (if I manually include it when I publish) in the "root" directory?



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