Next and Prev buttons not working between scenes

We are having trouble with the Next and Prev buttons only scene to scene. So far the only fix I have found is setting the buttons to each specific slide. I have never had this issue before (in Storyline2, now using 360). Any ideas?

Thank you!


Here is one file to see where it does not work as 'normally' set.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Lily and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :) 

Sorry to hear that you've run into difficulty with this. Linking your scenes together for navigation is pretty standard set-up.

If this is my course, I need to set a trigger on slide 1.2 that says go to Scene 2 or Slide 2.1.

If you need us to take a look at your file, please share your .story project file as it looks like you shared the zipped published output.

lily james

Whoops, meant to attach the story!

Currently, with all courses we are testing and publishing the slide to slide and scene navigation does not work as it should - unless I specifically assign each slide. Not a big issue, but annoying, as we have never had this issue before.

Thank you!