Submit question - then return - fwd arrow not working

May 25, 2016

Hello all,

Here is kind of an odd situation.

I have 2 scenes.  End of the first scene is a question, no next/prev button only a submit button.  The correct answer sends them to scene 2 - slide 1.  (Next slide does not work b/c its going to  a new scene)

After the user answers the question - if they ever go back to that question, the submit button is gone, and just the prev/next buttons show.  If they hit prev -its fine, if they hit next - nothing happens.  There is no way to specify where that next button should go to and the users is basically stuck.  

If I select in the options for the next to go to Scene 2-slide 1, it then appears when the question appears and I do not want that.

Any one encounter this before?

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