NEXT button on question slide not working on revisit

Oct 22, 2012

I'm having issues with the NEXT button that appears on a question slide when a learner revisits the slide after submitting.

As with your typical question slide, after the learner clicks SUBMIT, if they return to the slide it now has the PREV and NEXT buttons. On this activity slide, the PREV button works fine, but then when the learner wants to move forward again, the NEXT button does nothing; it's not linking to the next slide.

If I manually add the NEXT button in so it appears next to the SUBMIT button, then it works just fine; however, I don't want the NEXT button to appear when they first come to the slide to complete the activity.

All other question slides in the course are working properly; it's just this one that refuses to link to the next slide. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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Tessa Maki

Hi Lesley,

Yes, that was the exact issue! I forgot to come back and update this, but I finally figured out that it was because the question slide was the last in the scene. When it linked to another scene, then the Next button wouldn't work. In most cases I was able to adjust it so the last slide of the scene wasn't a question, but in some cases I needed to be creative. I agree that there should be a more ideal fix.


Troy S.

I had this happen also -- quiz question on last slide of a scene.  For me, it affected the quiz as well as the review.

It may not be too graceful, but I just put a .25s slide after the last quiz question.  Nobody seemed to notice, and it clears up the navigation issues.

Like Tessa and Lesley, if there is a better way, I'm all ears.

Judy Hogan

Hi All,

I've experienced this same problem.  Have used this work-around:

Add the Next and Previous buttons to the question (done in slide properties).

Go to both the Correct and Incorrect layers.

Add a value variable (I've named mine "Completed").  Set the value at zero.

Add a trigger that adds the value "1" to "Completed" when the Submit button is clicked.

Add a Message layer that says that the question must be answered, and the Submit button clicked to advance the course.

On the main slide

Add a trigger to jump to the desired slide when the Next button is clicked and the variable is greater than zero.

Add a trigger that shows the above Message layer when the Next button is clicked and the variable is equal to zero.

It seems to work!


Maxine Wesley

I also had the same problem where I couldn't progress past one particular question slide when reviewing it.  I solved it by removing the freeform from that question slide,  (Insert > Remove Freeform), creating player triggers for next and previous buttons (you'll have to make sure they are enabled on the base layer first).  Then I removed them from the base layer and it worked...  don't ask me why!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks MJ for letting us know you were able to implement Judy's solution - and based on this thread it's not always a consistent issue of how the slides are working and what behavior is set up. Did you take a look at Vimal's example too as another option? If you'd like we're always happy to take a look at your .story file as well and how it's behaving - you can share it here using the "add attachment" button and our team or the community can take a look. 

Charmaine Anderson

This is a real issue with the software and should be fixed. Customers shouldn't have to use a complicated or un-elegant workaround to resolve an obvious bug.  The behavior should be that on revisit, the quiz will display the Back / Next buttons and enable the Next button be able to jump to the next  scene.  At present, the Next button doesn't work and won't jump to the next scene.   

Christie Pollick

Hi, Charmaine -- Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and we really do appreciate your input. Unfortunately, I do not have any additional options to offer at this time, but you are welcome to reach out to our Product Development team with your ideas using this form. We appreciate your patience, and any additional information we receive, we will be sure to share here in the thread. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Charmaine!

Your Prev/Next buttons are showing during quiz review, correct? You are just having an issue because one should be going to another scene? 

You will need to update the trigger that is set at "jump to next slide" to "jump to next scene".

If you use feedback layers on your slides, the continue button on the layers is what is set to Jump to the next slide/scene.

Perhaps this thread will assist.

Tamara Tarasova

I am jumping in into this thread in case someone is still looking for solutions to this problem like I was after reading all these posts. I found Judy's solution a bit overwhelming for me but Troy's idea gave me another thought. I transferred the first content slide from the next scene to the previous one so thatthe quiz question is not the last slide and then went to Menu option in the Player to arrange the way the menu should look for learners. Because the actual order of the slides in the scenes may be different from the way it is presented in the menu for learners, that did the trick for me. Although, I agree that those things should come automatically in the software to give flexibility to disperse quiz questions around the course instead of just having a quiz section. I did submit the feature request - thank you, Christie, for the link.

Dennis Neufeld


This is obviously an old post, but I just had the same issue and these workarounds weren't working for me. 

In my case, the next button would appear but wouldn't go anywhere when clicked.  I tried using a few solutions and Vimal Singh's solution (see replies) looked especially promising.   But, unfortunately it didn't work either. 

For me, the problem ended up being that (somehow) my quiz timelines had been lengthened from the default 5 seconds to a whopping 78 seconds.  I shortened these to just a few seconds and the problem was solved.  So, I assume that the default player controls don't function until the timeline has completed???  And it begs the question, why did my timelines suddenly increase in length?  But, these are questions for another thread.  

If you're having this issue, check your timeline length.