NEXT button on question slide not working on revisit

I'm having issues with the NEXT button that appears on a question slide when a learner revisits the slide after submitting.

As with your typical question slide, after the learner clicks SUBMIT, if they return to the slide it now has the PREV and NEXT buttons. On this activity slide, the PREV button works fine, but then when the learner wants to move forward again, the NEXT button does nothing; it's not linking to the next slide.

If I manually add the NEXT button in so it appears next to the SUBMIT button, then it works just fine; however, I don't want the NEXT button to appear when they first come to the slide to complete the activity.

All other question slides in the course are working properly; it's just this one that refuses to link to the next slide. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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Arnie Park

I was able to reproduce this issue and it is a bug with Slide Properties>When revisiting state. When a question slide is revisited (for whatever reason, user nav error etc) and the When Revisiting property is set to Automatically Decide or Resume Saved State, the Prev and Next buttons will appear for some reason and be dead buttons. When I changed the When Revisiting property to Reset to Initial State and revisited the question slide, the submit button does appear.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Arnie,

If you're revisiting a slide that has already been answered, the next/prev buttons should appear by default. This is similar to what you'd see in a quiz question review. Take a look at the additional explanation here.

They should not be "dead" buttons though - unless you're only previewing that one slide. As Vimal suggested, we'd love to take a look at your .story file to test it out. Upload it here using the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window. 

Melissa Maher

I have a question which seems to be related to the issues discussed here. I have six scenes in one Storyline 360 project. The last few slides of each scene are quiz slides. I have each set to Automatically Decide on revisit. The course author doesn't want the settings to Reset to Initial State. Just an FYI, on base layer settings I only have Submit checked. Prev/Next are ok to appear on revisit, though.

When user revisits the last quiz slide in each scene, the next button does nothing. Prev works fine, and both the next/prev buttons in each revisited quiz slide that is NOT the last in the scene work fine. 

Is this non-functioning NEXT button issue on the last quiz slide in each scene related to the fact that the next slide in the project takes you to another scene? 

How can I edit or even see what this revisited last slide NEXT button is set to?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!