PREV/NEXT Button not appearing with trigger

Dec 29, 2020

So, I have seen many questions about the PREV/NEXT buttons, but I am unable to find a solution for myself.

I want those buttons to appear on slide 2.2 after the user has clicked on the buttons taking them to slides 2.3-2.7.

When I preview and review the scene, the PREV/NEXT buttons do not appear, but when I preview and review slide 2.2 only, they work.  

I would use layers, but we have a requirement for both audio and script to be seen. Lightbox would be good too, but the notes do not appear,

I have attached the scene in question.



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Ken!

Great question! I'm happy to help.

I like to use variables when determining the state of the navigation buttons. I've added a variable to each slide for each button. Next, I added a trigger to set the variable when the timeline starts. Lastly, I've added a trigger to change the next button to normal when the variables are true. I'll attach the updated project to this discussion.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Ken Mensack

Hi Lauren!

Happy New Year!

Your trigger/variables are fantastic!  I would like to know what was wrong with my original. 

I did use a more simple trigger:

Change state of NEXT/PREV button to normal when the state of ALL buttons is Visited." I also set the Slide Properties to "Resume savesdstate" upon revisiting, why would that not be enough?

Lastly, would your triggers work/be written the same for layers, instead of slides?  




Lauren Connelly

Hi Ken!

Happy New Year! Great question. The main difference between the two projects is the trigger to change the state of the next button.

In the project that you shared, the next button's state was based on the state of all the buttons. In the project, I replied with; I changed the next button's state based on the timeline. Since the timeline starts over when revisiting the slide, using the timeline is the best approach to determining the next button's state.

If you prefer seeing a visual of the differences, I created this short Peek comparing both projects.

Let me know if you have any questions!