Next and Previous triggers

Dec 17, 2021

My team a is trying to update content in Storyline 3 and we are having some issues with the next and previous triggers. When we identify the ones that are not working, we change the triggers to go to the exact page in the Jump to setting, and some are still not working. 

If anyone else has experienced this issue, I would appreciate some suggestions on how to resolve.

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Becca Levan

Hi Karen!

I'm happy to help troubleshoot! Are you referring to the built-in Prev Next Player triggers? If you can share your .story file with me for testing purposes — I'd be happy to investigate!

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It would be helpful to specify which ones aren't working; then, I'll reach out with my findings after testing!

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Karen.

The Jump to Previous slide trigger in Storyline is related to the previously viewed slide (similar to a browser back button), not necessarily the slides' sequence.

While you can't set this automatically for every slide, the best way to ensure the navigation you need is to manually point to the specific slide number you want the user to go to.  

I hope this helps!