Next Button active only when timeline finishes

Dec 17, 2015

HI sorry first post here. Had a look and found some similar examples but I want something a lot simpler..... It seems when I make a tutorial the user can simply press next and ignore the content????? I want my whole project to be set so that the next button only works when the timeline finishes? So at least they have a chance to read everything that is appearing on the screen? Seems crazy to have to set up conditions and triggers etc? Should it not be a simply player setting to only let people click next once the timeline finishes? I may be missing something here.......... Any help much appreciated.

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Justin Blyth

Ok managed to answer my own questions here with some playing around.

First I set up a trigger to hide the NEXT button when timeline starts then set up a second to change the NEXT button to Normal when timeline Ends. 

The important part. I then copied the first trigger. Selected the first slide and did CTRL A to select all slides. Then CTRL V to paste the first trigger into all slides. I repeated this for the second trigger.

I will have to go and remove them from some slides that I have next options within the slides for reinforcement.... However it now means the user has to at least wait until the time line ends and I can adjust the timings based on how long i think it takes to read the onscreen text!

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