Restricted Menu Issue

Dec 20, 2017

Hi, In testing our current courses we noticed that most restricted slides can auto complete if the user allows the timeline to play through, selects the Previous screen, and then goes back to the restricted slide.

Our slides have hot objects on them that a user must see before proceeding to the next screen. We've disabled the Next button until the conditions set for the slide are met. However, simply going to the previous slide sets the restricted slide as "complete" when you return to it.

I know the restricted option sets the slide complete when the timeline finishes. However, I assumed by putting triggers in to control whether Next was available or not would lock the slide. This doesn't seem to be the case. The timeline completion seems to be overriding the code.

I looked through the discussion but didn't run across it. If I missed a previous discussion, my apologies.

Anyone else experience this behavior with their training?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Bob! Happy to help you figure this out. What version of Storyline are you using?

I put together a quick sample file in Storyline 360. Check out this link, and let me know if you're seeing the same problem there. Those slides don't have any special triggers--I'm just using Restricted navigation with the buttons also disabled until the timeline ends. 

Bob O'Donnell

Hi Alyssa, I think I just solved my own problem by creating a test file for you.

We placed triggers on different slides to keep Next disabled until the user selected various objects to see extra content. You can try it yourself to see what I was seeing. Add a hot object to your slide 2 and have it show a layer. Disable Next until the user selects that object and gets the popup layer.

Now, in previewing your scene, if you simply allow your slide 2 to play through to the end, select Previous, then come back to the slide with the extra content - Next is automatically enabled. I thought it was an error as it wasn't following the trigger set in place to control Next.

So, I just figured out the problem (on our end). There was nothing set on the slide to actually HOLD the Next button as disabled. Its kind of weird, but I understand it now. Program is working like it should. I just need to take one more step to ensure Next stays disabled by adding an extra trigger/variable to control it. Good thing its me and not Storyline. ; )

Thanks. Working in the program for years and STILL learning.

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