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Jan 04, 2017


I have created a slide where the next button is hidden when the timeline starts and reverts to normal after 4 boxes leading to other slides have been visited. I have triggered the next button to revert to normal by changing the state to visited.

When I test the individual slide it works perfectly but when I test the scene, the next button does not appear.  

Advice anyone?


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Luke Benfield

Hi Connie,

Maybe double check the order of your triggers? If the Jump triggers are before the state change trigger, then that could be causing the issue in Scene preview vs. Slide.

The reason it would work in Slide and not in Scene, is because in Slide preview you aren't navigating away from the slide, so the triggers will all work despite the order.

Hope that helps.

Walt Hamilton

The problem is this trigger:


When the timeline starts, NEXT is hidden, and this trigger doesn't reset it to normal.

Not your fault; the programmers have allowed "when state of ..." to show up in a spot in the wizard where it doesn't often work. There is no action to initiate it. If you are lucky, it will be evaluated at the moment the state changes. You may see it flash as you click on the 4th button.

If you want it to show when the user returns, use this trigger:


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