next button disabled on quiz review

Apr 13, 2015

Hello - I have a quiz in which it all functions fine until you do the Quiz Review. When the slides are reviewed, it gets 'stuck' on one of the quiz questions on review, because the ' next' button doesn't work. Any idea how I fix this or 'get at' those "next" buttons in quiz questions that only appear upon review so I can look into why this particular one is disabled? It's crazy because all the slides are duplicates of the first one, so I would think they would all behave the same way. \

Anyone know why this could be or how I get at that next button to look at its properties?



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Janine Charbonneau

Yes, it's funny...was thinking along those lines too so I recreated the slide and the same thing happened. And all the slides have the same properties and are linked to the same review slide. guess I'll keep trying things. it's weird how it happens even when I completely erase and remake the slide in that same position.

Lauren Franza

I am assuming this issue has not been fixed yet in Storyline 360 because I am experiencing the same issue; I have a scene that ends with a question slide. After a user has answered the question and decides to review the questions, they cannot proceed forward from the last question slide in the scene. 

My work around is much simpler than above: add a blank slide after the question slide. Be sure to:

  • Add a trigger to the blank slide that says "Jump to slide *SLIDENAMEHERE* when Timeline Starts on *THIS SLIDE*." 
  • Remove the blank slide from your Player Menu so it doesn't show up for users to see.

It's not perfect, but it is almost seamless on the user side of things.

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