NEXT button disappears when previous slide is viewed - urgent help needed please

Dec 06, 2016

Hi, my client wants previous and next buttons on the slides, the player navigation controls have been disabled. I'm using markers on the screen. There are variables on the last of the numbered markers, changing the NEXT button on the same slide from Hidden to Normal. It works fine. However, when one then visits a previous slide (using the BACK button) and return to the earlier slide again, the NEXT button is no longer visible.
Please assist, I need to present tomorrow.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Karin

quick and dirty sample attached of what I think you are trying to do.

In this example, the next marker changes from hidden to normal when timeline ends (3 secs) and the slide properties are set to 'resume saved state'.

Hope that helps - otherwise as Leslie said it's easier to help if we can see your specific setup.

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