Next button does not work

I recently copied some slides into another scene so that I could use the glossary in the player.The thing is that only on certain slides the next button just does not work.I know that on certain slides it is disables until ie 15 seconds but it looks active but it will not move on.I have checked triggers etc.Is there something I have missed?

I also noted that other next buttons you need to click 2 or 3 times before it does work.I am using the built in player buttons.Any ideas welcome.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Nick

do you have the player menu set to restricted? That could be affecting how the next button works ie. it will only move forward once the slide timeline has completed, this is why on some slides you need to click two or three times to make it work - as you are clicking the timeline is advancing and eventually the slide finishes and next works.

Happy to take a look if you want to upload your .story file.

Nick Gregory

Hi really sorry about the delay.Just to give you the full picture.I created a template so that I could re use a glossary as it would have been a big thing to replicate, I then copied a large number of slides from another module.Doing this changed some of the player/master/ & slide properties one of which was the effect on the next  buttons due to the template settings.It was a question of either re writing the glossary or re doing the settings where required.what I did not realise is that it.Wendy pointed something out in a previous post which made me realise what I had to do so I have just sorted it out.So many thanks to you & Wendy & I think that it's sorted now.A lesson learnt & once again thank you both for helping me out.