Next button hidden, but will not re-display

Hello all,

I have a slide with 12 items the learner must click; each click takes them to a slide with an ethical situation about which they must decide what to do. Once they decide and receive remediation, they go back to the selection slide where the item they just visited is greyed out.

The slide triggers are to change the state of the Next button to hidden when the timeline starts." Then the trigger is to "change the state of the Next button to Normal when the state of the 12 items is Visited."

When I preview only the selection slide, it works. The Next button is hidden, then when I click all 12 items, it displays. But, when I preview the entire project, the Next button does not display. 

Any thoughts?"

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Rick!

You can share it publicly in this discussion by clicking here. You can always come back and delete the file later, if you like.

If you prefer not to share publicly, you also have the option to send it to our Support Engineers privately by clicking here. They'll delete your file when they're done troubleshooting. 

Rick Sell

Ok, yes, I can add an attachment, but what file? When published, I have a file folder that is full of individual files. What do I grab to attach, something from that folder or just the unpublished storyline file? Here is the unpublished file. I kept most of the structure, while removing the identifying content, and the bugger does not show the Next button after selecting all the items. Thanks for your patience.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Rick,

That's exactly what I wanted to take a look at.

The Next button is Hidden when you come back to this slide because that's what the trigger is:

If you adjust this trigger to be: Change state of the next button to Hidden When the timeline starts and add the conditions any of the objects being 'Normal'.

Another note, be sure that the states are changing on your slide by moving the trigger above the jump to slide trigger for each object:

Hope that helps.

Rick Sell

EUREKA! Leslie clued me in. I removed the whole "show Normal when visited" with no conditions trigger, and replaced it with "show Next button as normal when timeline begins if all other items are Visited." Well, that works! As my old TV pal used to say, you guys are the greatest!