Next button lag on courses upgraded to SL2

My apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere...

The company I'm working for literally has a few hundred courses built in SL1. They recently upgraded to SL2. When converting/upgrading the story file for SL2 and then publishing the course, we've noticed a significant lag when the user clicks the next button to advance to the next slide (5-10 seconds, or you have to click it twice).

Unfortunately, due to security and regulatory issues I'm not able to share any samples of output or source files. Curious if others are experiencing this and/or if Articulate is aware of this being a know issue.

The way we've been working around this is by creating a new, blank SL2 file and importing an existing course and republishing. However, this has been time-consuming since we need to re-apply all of our player and LMS settings prior to publish. 

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Emily Ruby

Hello Eric,

One thing you want to check is if you have the navigation in your courses set to restricted. The restricted navigation in SL2 has changed, and is based on the menu and the timeline. You can set the navigation to free, or you could reduce the timeline duration.  You could also add in a custom next button. You may want to check out the thread here which has a few other options.