next button not enabling when requested

Morning everyone, I have read all the other discussions I could find where the next button is not enabling...I feel like I might need to use variables instead of triggers and sadly I thought I had this issue before, but I can't find a discussion of mine.

slide 1.6 - Strategies slide   on pharma and non-pharma interventions -2 shapes to click on  - one is red (pharma), it will open a lightbox, you close it it returns to this window, click the blue (non-pharm) it opens a layer with two buttons (less and more formal), when those layers open with scrolling panels, the less formal has a button to jump back so you can click on the more formal button, on the more formal it has a button to jump back to the base layer.  I set the next button to disabled while the red and blue shapes are equal to normal either/or, but then set next button to normal when they are both equal to visited.  I just can't see what I am missing.  any help would be awesome...thanks Teresa  (seems cumbersome, so hoping someone might have something simpler and that works)

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Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Noel, I am sure I tried that as well :)  I really tested all variations, but thank you so much!  What I really wanted to do was have both the Pharma in a lightbox as it is, and was hoping the NonPharma could be a lightbox with the less and more formal open in a lightbox.  But I would get to the point of closing the second lightbox for less formal and then I couldn't get to the more formal....anyway, it was starting to hurt my brain, I am sure there was an easier way.  I  did just have next to disable when timeline start but I couldn't get it to work with whatever else I had at the time.  Thanks again, and sorry about the ramble :)

Teresa Vanderpost

Wow, this is exactly what I wanted to do, and since the Next button looks faint in the background when the lightbox is up, I think they are likely to click the Less and More formal buttons, But I can't figure out how did you get the second red circle with white x for the Less/More Formal lightboxes to come up overtop the Non Pharma?  As that is what I wanted but couldn't figure it out.  I am excited...LOL!  When I did the second light box for Less formal, it then closed the whole lightbox and returned to the strategies slide.  I have looked at yours and I still am not sure how you did it :)  thank you by the way for helping me, this forum is great :)

Teresa Vanderpost

That is so great, that you enjoy it as much as I am grateful for it.  So, I looked at yours and then applied it to mine and it works, but I was so sure I didn't get a second lightbox over top with the red circle and x but now I I must have done something wrong initially.  As I don't see anything extra about the close circle white x for yours it just showed up :)  I was also looking at a discussion where they were showing how to create a lightbox look but via a layer which was interesting too.  Thanks again.