Next button not showing after viewing layers

Jun 22, 2017

Hello, I am having an issue where the next/prev buttons are not showing after layers are viewed and then closed. The buttons show when you first view the slide, but not when you return after closing a layer. 

I have checked the following: 

  • Timeline is not paused on base layer 
  • I've waited till the timeline is reached on each layer and base layer
  • Removed any triggers or restrictions on when the next/prev buttons appears - there are no conditions attached to these. 

Any ideas? I haven't had this issue before with similar set ups, so I'm unsure what has caused it. 

File attached - to replicate you will need to open a layer and click the custom back button to return to the base layer. 


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Ali Goulet

Hey Leonie!

Thanks for sharing your file here with us.

I took a quick peek and you were on the right track! All you'll need to add are triggers to show the previous and next buttons again once the layer is done. 

For instance, you could add a trigger on the last button of every layer (the one that takes you back to the base) with this action:

I've added this trigger for both the previous and next buttons to Marker 1 on the L3 Dip Criteria layer and attached the file here for reference.

Hope that's helpful, let me know if you have questions!

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