Next button not working until timeline of slide ends (imported PowerPoint)

I imported a PowerPoint that had slide timings on it, which converted to auto advancing in the slide setting as well as added triggers to go to next slide when timeline ends. I fixed both of those things, and now it advances when I click the Next button, but the button doesn't work until the slide duration is over. Any thoughts on what is happening or how I can fix it? Thank you!!

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Rebekah Massmann

Edit - It appears this behavior is occurring due to the restricted navigation option. Anyone know if there is a way to restrict people from jumping around in the menu without viewing the slides in order, but not requiring them to spend a certain amount of time on each slide?

Yes, yes I know, free nav is better. It's a compliance thing. :-/ Sometimes you do what you have to do!

Walt Hamilton

If you show the built-in menu, the user can click it and jump around.

Here is a sample using a custom menu. The "Restricted" slide has a menu that requires the user to visit slides in a specific order, but leave them when they want. It allows free navigation to go back to slides already visited.