Next Button Problems

Hello! I created a course in storyline and I am having problems with the next button on two slides.

There are three sections in the course... and on the last slide of section 1, and the last slide of section 2... when I instruct the users to click the next button to move forward - the course will not advance to the next section even though the button is enabled and the triggers are there telling it to.

It's not working in preview mode OR on the our LMS once published.

I've never had this problem before with a course and cannot figure it out. Any help would be appreciated!!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Maggie and welcome to Heroes! Great to have you here!

Thanks for attaching your file - that made it easy for me to diagnose your problem. All you need to do is slightly adjust your triggers on the last slide of each scene. For example, here's what the triggers for the last slide of scene 1 should be:

I updated your file and attached it here to this thread. Take a look, and let me know if it works for you!

Maggie Patterson

Hi Ashley... 

Thanks for the quick response! I thought the triggers matched what you have but I see now I ha them pointing to the incorrect slides. With that being said... the next button still did not work even though it was enabled. At the very least it should have pointed me to the incorrect slides I had marked.

I have updated the file so the next button now points to the correct slides... and it still does not move the course forward, even though the button is enabled.

Is it just me? I'm going crazy over here as I have never had this problem.


Alyssa Gomez

This could be because your menu is set to Restricted. Therefore, the user cannot click the next button until the timeline ends. Check to be sure the timeline on each slide is the same duration as your audio narration. If there is no audio narration on a slide, shorten the timeline to 1 second.

Alternately, you could adjust your menu settings from Restricted to Free. If you would like to adjust the menu settings, follow these steps:

  1.  Click the Player button at the top of the screen
  2.  Click Menu
  3.  Click the gear icon (Additional Options)
  4.  Change the navigation restriction from Restricted to Free

The only thing to keep in mind with Free navigation is your users will be able to skip ahead in the menu. 

I hope this helps!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Maggie

I took a look at your file and like Leslie said I'm not having any issue moving to the next scene.

Personally I would move the 'change next button to normal' trigger from the base layer to the WIFM layer and set the trigger to change to normal when media completes.

Good luck with your project