Next Button won't show layer

To make sure participants view the entire slide, I have my Next button set to show a layer if it is clicked before the last item on the slide starts. The layer is just a reminder that they cannot move forward until the slide is complete. It was working fine until I made some revisions to a few slides for the client. Now none of the reminder layers work on any slides when the next button is clicked.

If I create a new blank slide, create a layer with an image, and set the Next button to display the layer, in preview the layer is not displayed until the timeline ends.

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Walt Hamilton


I looked at slide 6.2, and nothing happened when I clicked Next.

I looked at the player,and  navigation is set to Restricted, which basically means that clicks on Next are ignored until the timeline ends. I changed that to Free. When I previewed Slide 6.2 and clicked Next, I saw the popup. 


Leslie McKerchie

Looks like Walt beat me to it, but that's what I noticed as well. 

Restricted navigation means the user cannot go to the next slide until the timeline is complete. With your triggers - Intro1 is set to true immediately, but user still cannot proceed due to the restriction, but it also means the next button will never show your In-completion layer as you expected.

Hope this helps.

Dennis Gifford

Thanks! I thought Restricted just prevented users from skipping slides. I did not know it disables the Next button. That explains why it suddenly changed.

Although it doesn't show it in the list, the trigger to change to true is set to the timeline of Caption 8, so it doesn't happen until 45 seconds into the slide.

Leslie McKerchie

Here is some additional information about the functionality:

In Articulate Storyline 1, restricted and locked navigation settings only affected the menu. In contrast, the navigation settings in Articulate Storyline 2 affect both the menu and the player buttons, making it much easier to control the overall navigation for your course. To learn how to restrict or lock navigation in Storyline 2, see this article.

Jim Heiliger

I know this is an old thread and I understand how the menu and next buttons are now intertwined in Storyline 2. This was never an issue until I had to implement clicking on the next button while creating a course with audio (you have to wait for the audio to finish). This is definitely a step backwards from Storyline 1 and should be considered to revert back to the Storyline 1 functionality with the next release.

Ali Goulet

Hi Jim- Thanks for popping here to share your experience, it's always very much appreciated. I would highly encourage you to also reach out to our Product Development Team with your thoughts on this feature by way of this form.

Just so I understand what you're describing a little better, were you wanting the menu navigation to be restricted while also allowing the user to be able to advance to the next slide before the audio completes if they desire to? If you haven't come across this already, Bobbi detailed a workaround she discovered over here which many users looking to accomplish this have found to be helpful. :)