Next/Prev buttons disappearing in Reviewing Quiz

Hello there!

I'm experiencing some problems with Review feature in Storyline. I have enabled the Review option from Result Slide and it was working fine. But then I tried to add some custom elements to the review layers. I realized it wasn't what I was looking for and erased the layer. I also changed and changed back the Player defaults of the quiz slides, but I think it's not related.

What I have now is if the Next and Prev button disappeared from the review mode. They are disabled throughout the course, but I thought that they were hard-coded in the review mode and were uneditable.

I did this workaround: I typed <space> in the post-quiz review field inside the editing questiong dialog in order to have a review layer and then, added some custom buttons.

However, now I'm curious how to get thouse buttons back. Can anyone help me?

Thank you so much!!

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Alejandro González

An update.

I have noticed something that might be helpful:

Since I wanted that the Review button were visible only after several attempts, I cut it and pasted it to a layer, This, I don't know why, made that suddenly the options "Allow user to review quiz" and "Allow user to retry quiz" unchecked automatically. This bug didn't block the access to review mode, besides of course the Next and Prev buttons.

I tried to re-check those options, and the buttons appear again in the base layer (I mean in the Slide). The other ones, each one in a different layer stayed. They don't disappear. So now the Result Slide is configured again with those options checked, but still the same result: I can access to Review Mode, but don't have the supposedly hardcoded in Prev and Next Buttons. This happens with both the Review button inside the layer and the new one (the one that appeared after re-checking options).

Hope that helps to figure out the solution.

Thanks again