Next/previous button appears for fraction of seconds on screens

Jul 19, 2018


I have used customized player options and unchecked Next/Previous buttons for some of the assessment slides of my course. But when I'm clicking on the customized Submit button, which is present on the screen, Next/Previous button appears for fraction of seconds. Is there any solution for this.



Sayali S.

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Sayali Sathe

Hi Ashley,

I'm sorry that I cannot share the storyline source file due to some privacy agreements. but I have simply unchecked the Next/Previous buttons from some of the specific screens, where i don't the those buttons. It just appears for a fraction of seconds. Can it be a bandwidth speed related issue? I mean to say a loading issue.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sayali!

I completely understand that you can't share your file for privacy reasons. Instead, could you create a small sample file for us? That would really help us get a better idea of what you're seeing on your end.

Here's how to create a sample file:

  • Open the Storyline file, and click Save As to create a copy of the file. 
  • In the copy, delete all slides except for a few quiz slides.
  • Remove proprietary information, and replace the text with placeholder text. 
  • Save the file, and attach it to a new reply here

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