"Next" Trigger Will Not Function on ONE slide

I have a 99-slide .story project and on one page, the Next button trigger will not work. I've had our in-house GA look at it & he can't figure it out. It's such a simple trigger and yet it won't work on this one slide. The Next button looks like it is active, but when published, you can click it a million times and it won't advance you to the next slide. I'm attaching a screen shot of my triggers so you can see how simple this page is. One layer, nothing tricky - and yet, the fix eludes me and those much smarter than I. Help!

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Lyndsay Holder

Thank you for your suggestions! I figured it out by looking at past threads of next button trigger issues. The trigger was set to jump to the next page, but the next page was in a different module. So, I reprogrammed the trigger to jump to the first page of the next module & that took care of it.