Jump to this slide when click a button not working

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a simple yet confusing problem that I hope someone can take a look at. I would really appreciate it as it perplexed me.

I set a trigger to jump to this slide (restart the slide) when user clicks the clear button, but nothing happened. I saw others use this kind of trigger and it works.

I wonder why it won't work for me. I have tried everything. I am also attaching my source file here.

Thanks in advance.

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Chloe Wang

Hi Maria,

Thank you for looking at this! Can't believe I missed that setting! Yes, it works.

I was wondering if there is a way to hide layers when click the same button again?

I tried setting triggers "show layer when the state of the button is selected" and "hide layer when the state of the button is normal". It doesn't work. That's why I added the clear button.