Slide automatically transitioning with Player trigger set for user

Aug 08, 2014

I am new to Storyline and loving it. I had set up a slide to transition automatically and then changed my mind and thought I returned it to user activated. The Player Trigger shows "Jump to next slide when the user clicks the next button."

The Trigger Wizard:

Action: Jump to slide

Slide: next slide

When: User clicks

Object: Next Button

This is the same for the other slides that do work. What am I missing?


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Lyn Bennett

Ok - I did find a Slide Trigger in another slide and copied it into the offending slide. It took a couple of tries to make the edits stick and when it finally stuck, Slide Trigger was gone and Player Trigger has the same trigger (user clicking Next to go to the next slide) three times! It works for now, but I am wondering what the difference is between a Slide Trigger and a Player Trigger, why the Player Trigger didn't work the first time but is now and has the same trigger listed three times.



Tricia Ransom

Hi Lyn, if you look down in the bottom right corner (make sure you're on the slide, not a layer), you'll see a gear icon right on top of the sentence, "Dim non-selected layers".

If you click it, you'll see the Slide Properties pop-up. I've found that whatever is in that pop-up is applied before anything in the Triggers pane on the right of the screen.

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