No Audio During Preview

Aug 04, 2014

Any ideas as to why the audio won't play when previewing content? Its making it really difficult to time the animation of objects. I've never experienced this before. The audio on my system is fine -- tried restarting the software and luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Mark McEvoy

For anyone experiencing a loss of audio during Preview, look first at your Mixer volume settings using these steps:

  1. Preview a slide that has audio.
  2. While in the Preview window:
    1. Right-click on the Speakers icon in the Windows taskbar.
    2. Select Open Volume Mixer.
    3. Adjust the volume for Storyline to a level that is audible.

    4. Close the Volume Mixer window.

The secret is to make sure you are opening the Mixer while in the Preview window. Outside of Preview, the Mixer may not show SL under Applications.

Lindsay Pryce
Cory Warshawsky

i'm experiencing the same issue. No audio when in preview mode (this is try of audio only clips, and video), but as soon as the file is published, audio is fine.

The flash audio test played fine. It's across the board on all projects. It would be great if we could get the results of the support case were posted here.

Hi there I am having the same problem too - a video recorded on the webcam doesn't play any sound, either in preview or as published. What do I need to do to fix this?

Debbie Eastop

Any update to this issue?
I have a base slide with mutiple layers. Each layer has an audio track. Layers are set to show when the timeline of each previous layer ends.

When I use the preview mode inside the SL editor (i.e. the "play" arrow in the toolbar below the timeline), there is different behavior on the base slide and the layers:
Base slide preview: playhead moves, audio track plays
Layers preview: playhead moves, audio track is NOT audible (makes it difficult to time the animations)

If I click Preview in the upper toolbar, everything works correctly and previews with full audio.

I have updated my sound drivers, rebooted the PC, closed and re-opened SL. I am working on my local hard drive. Any other suggestions?

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Debbie!

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue. Are you using Storyline 2?

We do have a known issue of the audio on a slide layer not previewing when using the play button on the timeline panel if you have the layer set to 'hide objects on base layer'.

Does that sound like what you are seeing as well?

I will add you to the report as we track user impact if so.

Barrett Gallegos

I see this is an old thread so I'm not sure if a resolution for this issue has been found yet. I'm working in storyline 2 and on one slide I have two layers: on the base layer there is a button that opens up a secondary layer that has an audio file. When I hide certain elements on the base layer, the audio doesn't play on my secondary layer in preview mode. The objects are random ones that have no correlation to the audio on the secondary layer. However, when certain ones are hidden on the base layer there is an issue with the audio playing Correctly. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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