No enough space in the disk: Huge temporary files stored in the local disk

May 10, 2018

Hi everyone, 

Thank you very much. Today when I was saving the project, I got the message saying "there is no enough space in the disk". As I am using VMware Fusion to use Storyline with a Mac, I checked both the disk on Mac and the disk on PC. It turns out to be the temporary files  stored in Appdata/Roaming/Articulate that take up a lot of space. The date of those files started from when I used Storyline for the first time, which is February 23rd, 2018. 

Is there a setting for Storyline to auto clean those temporary files?



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Content Developer

Hi Xinru,

they are autosave files: when you are working with SL, the software automatically saves your progress in those files, in the case of crash. So they are our friends :D

When you save normally, they are expected to disappear, but this doesn't always happen. If you are not working anymore on the projects, it is safe to manually delete them.

Chris Santos

HI Xinru,

I don't think there is a setting within Storyline itself to auto-clean or at the least manage the amount of space consumed by these temporary files. 

Not sure if this is related to Auto Recovery information but this is the closest that I can think of that might be connected to this.  In Storyline 360, if you click on File and then Storyline Options, you can see this 'Save Autorecovery Information every XX minutes.'  You can try extending this to longer period and see if that helps.  However, the downside to this is that save points will be fewer and far in between.

Do these files end with a *.~story extension?  Typically, you shouldn't see these files and may get left behind sometimes when one is working on a network drive.  Is that the case here?  In any case, this type of files can be deleted after closing out of Storyline, either by manually deleting it or using Disk Cleanup utility.


Xinru Yang

Hi Chris, thank you very much for your explanation!

Yes, these files are hidden in the local disk. We were curious about what takes up so much space of the disk since we do not have many applications in our virtual machine. We found those temporary files by using Windirstat :D.  I will delete them after I finish the project! 

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