no index.html file in root of HTML bundle?

Sep 15, 2018

I'm trying to upload a storyline package to an LMS called Elearis that claims to be able to take HTML5  "bundles". I published the SL file to Web and zipped it up. When I try to upload, I get an error saying there is no index.html file in the root of the HTML bundle. I tried renaming the story.html and the story_html5.html files as index.html to no avail. I tried moving the index.html file into the html5 folder and then zipping and uploading that. Any idea what this error means and how I can fix it?

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Phil Mayor

Elearis is a Content management system not an LMS. It looks like Elearis is a system designed for building your training. Although it does say it supports the widest variety of learning object types, not sure what that means especially if it does not support scorm.

Renaming story.html as index.html should work but you would need to leave where it was, there should be no reason to rename story_html5.

It may be you need to host elsewhere and then link to the content. I would get in touch with support for Elearis and see what they support.


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