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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Philip,

I know a native Mac version has been a hot topic for some time and it's something we continue to discuss internally as well. Personally and professionally I use a Mac and run Windows within VMWare. It's super fast and I haven't run into any difficulty with the set up - I know a number of our forums users have shared similar things. You may want to take a look at a few forum discussions such as these for ideas and successes/challenges:

Also, Rise is completely web-based (released this week as a part of Articulate 360), so you can use Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox browsers on your Mac to create responsive Rise courses.

See this article for a list of system requirements for Rise.


Alyssa Gomez

Hey John!

I hear you - I also use a VM to run Storyline on my Mac. I don't have any information to share about our desktop applications being accessible on a Mac without a VM at this point. There are certain elements of Articulate 360 such as Rise, Review, and Peek that can be used natively within a Mac. We will be sure to let everyone know if we have any news on developments of Mac versions of desktop apps, so always keep your ear out! 

Brent McMillan

I think its important that Articulate start talking about it, rather than avoiding the issue. The subscription models offered by Adobe caters for support of both Mac & Windows. The 360 model pioneered by Microsoft does the same for its most important software (Office). Articulate has been for years hinting that support "may" be coming, yet have committed to nothing.  

At this point I'm paying for Articulate 360, VM Software, Microsoft Windows and maintaining an Adobe Captivate subscription when the PITA nature of handing over assets from the VM to OS X becomes too tiresome.

I wish I could say I'm the only one taking this approach but I'm not. I want to invest more time in Storyline but the very nature of the VM solution Articulate advocates, creates a workflow that is slower than just jumping into Captivate instead. I don't enjoy Adobe software, but I can't sustain a longer and more painful workflow as well.

The lack of native Mac support for Storyline simply makes the remaining offering in Articulate 360 that is accessible without VM, more expensive and less value for money.