No publishing to word

Nov 20, 2020


Can someone help me? I can't get Articulate Storyline 360 to publish to Word.

Is there another way to nicely get all the slides into a PDF or Word document?

I just recently updated my Storyline. I am currently working on a mac computer using and Parallels for Articulate, not sure if that's the problem.



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Katie Riggio

Hi Pa,

Thanks for writing in. I'm happy to help find a fix! A few questions to get started:

  • What happens when you try to publish for Word? Does the app crash, an error appear, or?
  • Which version of Microsoft Word are you using? Storyline 360 supports Word 2010-2019 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Microsoft Office 365 (desktop apps only).
  • Is Word installed in the Parallels, Windows environment?
Chelsy Lindman

Hello Katie,

• When I publish, it will either freeze, or if I try again then it will say that it's been published. See attachment.

• I have Microsoft Word version 16.43, probably from November 2, 2020.

• Word was just installed on my Mac, not in the Parallels, Windows environment.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Pa,

Thank you for sharing those details with us! 

There are a couple of things that may help here. What may help is to ensure that Word is installed in your Window's environment. Since Storyline isn't native to Mac, having Word on the Window's side should help.

Another thing to check is that your Articulate project's translated language has been added to Word's language options. To apply the translated language to Word, you can add a keyboard input language in Microsoft Windows. Here is how you can do that: 

Please let us know how that works out! 

Linda Lysdahl

We’re experiencing the same issue at our company. 4 Articulate 360 users cannot publish their courses to Word. Here is more information:

I could publish a Storyline 360 course to Word on 10/14/20.
On 12/1/20 and 12/7/20, the publishing process did not work for me.

Articulate 360 & Storyline version
All Articulate software is up-to-date

We all of us use PC laptops

System type
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Windows 10 Enterprise version 1909

What happens?
I chose Word as my publishing option.

I’m publishing the course to a local folder
Properties: Show layers & Show slide notes are checked
Screenshot size: Medium

When I click Publish, the software clocks for a second and the Publish window is greyed out. (Normally the publishing process takes a minute, not a second)

The Publish successful pop-up appears but there is no Word document in the location I chose

When I click the VIEW DOCUMENT button, nothing happens.

One more piece of information:
I reviewed Vincent’s post above to confirm my Articulate project’s translated language has been added to Word’s language options. The course is in English and my preferred language option is set to English.


Linda Lysdahl

Hi Lauren,

Thanks so much for sharing that information. I attached a quick Replay video to share what happens.

When I click ‘Open’ in the publishing window, nothing opens and the document is not in the location I published it to.

I did open a Support Ticket and have been talking with Cleo…but no success publishing Word docs with Storyline yet!


Lauren Connelly

Hi Linda!

I see that Cleo is waiting for your reply on the result of the previous troubleshooting steps he's sent. We'll continue the conversation in your support case.

Also, since you replied via email, it looks like your contact information came through as well. This Peek video will show you how to edit it out if you’d like!

Amee Auberry


Was there a resolution to this? I tried publishing to Word today for several different .story files and some of them published and some did not. Same result as above for the ones that did not publish: It says it's done and gives me the blue button to view the document, but clicking it opens nothing and there is no file in the designated folder. 

I too am running 64-bit Windows 10 on a PC.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Amee and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that you're running into a similar issue when publishing to Word.

We have not heard back from Linda, so I do not have an update to provide there.

It sounds like your publishing issue is more intermittent, which is different than the users were reporting here where the publishing did not work.

With your permission, I'd like you to share one of your .story project files displaying this issue with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Judy!

So sorry you hit this obstacle, and I appreciate you connecting with our support team.

Referencing the case, I see Renato noted that the publish to Word feature requires that Microsoft Word 2016 or 2019 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Microsoft Office 365 (desktop apps only) is installed on the machine.

Let me know if you have any more questions. I'm happy to help!

Karen Alveston

Oh no, now I cannot publish to Word, either! First time seeing this issue. I publish to Word quite often because I use it to create my narration script. 

Storyline v3.56.26145.0

Document file size: ~26MB

MS Office Professional Plus 2019 64 bit installed

Please see attached quick video of trying to publish to Word.


Kindest regards,




Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Karen.

I'm sorry you're experiencing issues publishing to Microsoft Word!

Let me ask you a couple of questions to narrow down the issue:

  • If you navigate to the folder listed under Title and Location, are you able to find the published document?


Storyline 360 publishing to Word error 2021-09-23 at 3.48.45 PM

If a repair doesn't help, the next step would be to open a support case with our engineers. You can do this through this link

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Anthony.

Since this is an older discussion with several topics (errors when publishing on a Mac, some people with only a specific file having publishing issues, etc.), can you provide a few details on what you're experiencing?

Let me ask you a few questions to narrow down:

  • What happens when you try to publish to Word?
  • Is this happening with every .story file or a specific one?
  • Are you working from a local hard drive? We don't recommend working with files on a network drive.  
  • Which Microsoft Office version do you have installed?

If this is happening for every project, we also recommend a repair of Storyline 360

Anthony Hall

Hi Maria, 

Thanks for getting back to me.

When I publish to word I get the notification to tell me it's successful, but won't open the file and there is no output file in the folder location I've chosen.

It is happening in all projects and even after a complete reinstall and update I'm still encountering the same issue. I have just following the guidance on repairing Storyline 360 and still no joy. 

All .story files are stored on my desktop and not in shared or networked locations. 

I am using a Mac with v 16.56 of Word for Mac installed on my machine. I access Storyline through a Paralells which doesn't have Word installed. 

Sorry for not providing this information initially. 

Thanks for your help

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Anthony.

Thank you for the additional details!

I also work with Storyline on a Mac using Parallels, so this setup should work. However, when working with Microsoft Office, the apps must be installed in your Windows environment.

Take a look at this article for more details:

Dogan Korkmaz

Dear All,

I work with Storyline 360 on a Windows Notebook in our Company. I have the same Problem as the most here, when i try to publish to Word, I get the Pop-Up notification that the publishining was successful, but won't open the file and there is no output file in the folder location I've chosen. I tried several settings, local stored, network stored, but always the same result: No output, no Word Dokument.

Logically my first Question, ist there a solution to fix this Problem?

Second Question:  if not, how can  I get a paperbased output

Thanks in advance for your fast response.