No text in buttons, shapes, captions

Dec 18, 2012

When I try to type in text in a button, shape, or caption, nothing shows up. For example, if I wanted to label a button "Click Here." I type, and it appears as though something is being typed in the box--I can see the squiggly, "you misspelled something" line showing up. And the text I typed shows up in the Timeline below. But there is no text visible in where I supposedly typed it.

I've tried changing font size, color, etc. No luck.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kyle. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having, it does sound odd. Almost like the text is invisible. It might be a problem related to the fonts. 

Here's some information that might help:

If you attempt to type text into a Storyline object (text box, caption, button, etc) but nothing appears, it's likely that the Articulate fonts did not install properly. Please review the following article for solutions:

If you try the solution above and still can't see the text, please let me know.


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