Noise in Storyline recorded-screen video

Aug 06, 2014

I created and inserted a recorded-screen video using a Logitech headset. But, in the recording, every time I spoke there was a loud crackle of static noise.

The strange thing is, when I tested my mic by recording just an audio track it was as clear as a bell. Same with recording into Powerpoint.

I exited re-started Storyline and the noise disappeared ... only to come back a few minutes later, this time to stay.

I don't know what freaky combination of headset and software could create this problem. Can anyone offer a solution? It has been a very long day.


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David Mackintosh

Thank you, Leslie. I took your advice, including repairing the installation, but no luck.

After some experimentation, I have found that "recording the screen" in Storyline changes the microphone volume settings in Windows. Recording "sound from mic" does not create the same problem. I will report this to your tech support folks.

That was a very difficult problem, and involved multiple re-recordings and a drive to an electronics store to sort out.

Thanks again for your help,

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