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Tracy Parish

It can be achieved like this - file attached, but unsure it will work with the rest of your slide design.

  • Place image on a second layer
  • Use spin animation (1 rotation) set at .5 seconds
  • Allow it to be on timeline for only .5 seconds
  • Duplicate a number of times (5-6)
  • Have these appear on timeline one at a time after the first image
  • Set timeline of this layer to only be as long as the "animation" runs
  • Add trigger to base layer to Show propeller layer
  • Add a trigger to propeller layer to hide when timeline on propeller layer ends
  • Add second trigger to propeller layer to show it again when timeline on propeller layer ends
Walt Hamilton

The duration of the layer is two seconds. That of the line motion path of the propeller is seven, and the shape 15. They need to be congruent.  As it is, the layer starts over before the propeller moves. See the sample, which is simplified somewhat. Tracy's design answered your question about constant propeller spinning, but adding movement to it requires a somewhat different approach.