Not able to extract translation document from Storyline 360 (269 Slides)

Dec 31, 2020

I am trying to export translation document from storyline file containing 269 slides bur I am not able to do it.

Is there any specific slide limit for translation document?

Attaching error screenshot saying "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"

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Rebecca Levan

Hi there Sanket!

So sorry you're experiencing this issue with the export!  To help you out, I did a quick Google search for: "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation Storyline" and found this thread.

From what I read, you can get this error when exporting a text-heavy Storyline 360 file to Word/numerous slides.  I'd follow Katie's workaround:

  • Split the project into multiple parts by doing a Save As on the original .story file to reduce the number of slides
  • Export and translate the translation documents and then import them into the original .story file

A couple other things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure Word is closed.  This will allow the export/import to run seamlessly- I found that tip from Ashley in this thread :)
  • Make sure Storyline 360 is up to date.  You can check this by opening the desktop app, clicking the down arrow to the right of Storyline, then select other versions:


If you're running the latest version, you should see "installed" similar to the pic below:


I hope this helps you out!  Please let me know.  And if you feel you are still struggling, or this doesn't resolve your issue, please be sure to submit a case with the support team if you haven't already!

Lizzie Angell

As usual this is a client project this is not a project you need to look at as it is the same as all the others - this is an issue with in storyline when the project is over a number of screens - this can be deduced from all the other complaints. 

At what point will this be fixed - it appears to have been going on for over 3 years.

From what I am looking at you could take any project over 50 or 60 screens long and encounter the issue. - surely as a development team you have test projects like this already

Lauren Connelly

Hello Sanket and Lizzie!

I'm so excited to share that we've released Storyline 360 (Build 3.49.24347.0) which includes Enhanced Word Translation!

This feature fixes the issue where the error, 'Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation' appeared when exporting a text-heavy Storyline 360 file to Word. 

To take advantage of this new feature and other fixes, make sure to update Storyline 360 in the Articulate 360 Desktop App. Here are the steps!