Storyline 3 project gives error while Exporting translation to Word gives "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation'

Aug 19, 2020

Hello ,

I have a storyline 3 project and while trying to export translation file to word i get this error "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"

and this error happens only with one specific project only.

knowing that I tried the below steps already:

1- exporting is working with other projects without errors

2- tried to split the project and reduced amount of slides and scenes with no success

3-closed all Ms. office applications while exporting

4-uninstalled SL3 and re-installed latest version

please advise how to solve this issue

thanks in advance!

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Katie Riggio

Hello Mohamed,

So sorry you hit this error! We found that exporting to Word results in that exact error due to numerous slides/text-heavy Storyline content.

For now, we recommend:

  1. Split the project into multiple parts by doing a Save As on the original .story file to reduce the number of slides.
  2. Export and translate the translation documents and then import them into the original .story file.

If those steps don't help, are you comfortable with sharing the affected file with us for testing? You can use this secure upload link:

Lizzie Angell

I have split my project in to 3 separate pieces and outputted 3 separate translation docs. Obviously some of the items repeat - from the master slides.

Do I need to try to combine them now into 1 word document?

How do I do this? - will it cause issues with stuff being imported back into the original file?

Or do I keep the 3 docs separate and load them back into the original file one at a time? 

Obviously with removing scenes when separating  the project - they all ended up being scene 1, 2, 3 in the original they are numbered differently - will this cause an issue with reimporting the translation - the work around does not explain how to get the translation back into the course.

Afaq for Leadership  LLC

It worked for me eventually. Ensured that none of the MS office files word/ppt etc were open in the background. Not convenient really - but seems like it did the work. Am not sure what is the  connection. Seemed to have worked so far - have done 2 more exports no glitches. 

I have done larger files in the past - over 45minutes worth of content spread over more than slides - and it has worked without any concerns - so am not sure why the size file is a factor. I hope they are able to patch it though.

-Swapna Kadam