Not able to Publish


I've couple of issues

1. When I have more than 35 slides I'm not able to publish from STORYLINE. Is there a solution?

2. when i insert an audio and publish it works fine with computers which has speakers. In computers which doesnt have speakers the published file just there any solution for this?



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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Chandra.

  1. When you say that you are not able to publish from Storyline, what do you mean exactly?  Is there an error message?  If so, precisely what does the error message say?  If there is no error message, what specific behavior are you experiencing that prevents you from publishing?
  2. Where does the hang occur on computers that have no speakers?  Does the lockup occur only on slides that contain audio, or elsewhere as well?

Perhaps you could share a copy of your Story for the community to take a look at with you?  Thanks!

chandra kannan

Thank you very much both for your replies.

We have captured 90 slides using Storyline, but when we publish it stops automatically after generating 34 slides. There is no error message. Is there any limitation on number of slides or the file size which can be supported in Storyline?

The first audio plays well, but after that there is no progress and the animation hangs. This happens only with slides that contain audio, without the audio it plays as expected. The computer has sound card, and working properly.  I was able to play music from other applications.  The Storyline output also plays perfectly when the headphone is inserted on to the system, and I was able to hear the audio.  When I remove the headphones and play the same Storyline content, the playback stops when it reaches the slide where the audio is attached.

Note: am using Windows 7 with dual core processor and 2 gb ram; and am using Storyline demo version (still evaluating)

Thanks in advance




chandra kannan

Hi Justin,

Am extremely sorry that i cannot upload my *.story file as it has customer data. But i gotta narrowed down my problem. My 34th slide has a black arrow (screen shot attached) and when i removed it its publishing as expected. Sounds weird but works.

And I still dont hv solution for my audio problem. I'll try to change the data and upload.

Thanks very much for your response.


Richard Harshaw

I am encountering a similar problem this morning. I have created a ten story program with a master menu slide.  It works fine in preview mode.  It consists of 245 slides plus the master menu slide. When I go to publish, it compiles 110 slides and stops. No error message. No crash report. It just stops.

Any ideas?

Richard Harshaw

Thanks, Justin, for the fast response.

The file is large-- 660 MB.  I can upload via an FTP site.  The slide where it sticks is a video screen capture with narration.  In fact, about half the slides in this program are like it, and I can find nothing about that particular slide that could cause this issue, but I am so close to it right now, I probably cannot see it. If you want to send me a link to an FTP site off-forum, please do so.

As an alternative, I could create the story line using static screen shots and animated arrows, boxes, etc to point out the areas I want the learner to notice; that would probably save a lot of file space, but would lose something in the ability to convey the concept, I think.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Richard.

If it is always freezing on that slide, what you could try to isolate the issue is do a Save as and create a copy of your Storyline file. Delete everything except that slide and see if you can publish just that slide. Feel free to upload us the file as is. We recently updated our servers to allow larger files so you should have no problem sending that to us if you choose to do so.

Richard Harshaw

Justin, I am back in the office now and tried deleting slides 2-108 and 141 to the end, leaving the pesky 110 in the story line. I then tried to publish. It got past the irrascible #110 and published fine until #129. I then trimmed out everything but the two slides either side of 129 and tried to publish again and it published just fine.

I am at a loss as to what to do next.  I really don't want to have to convert the screen recordings to static PowerPoint screen shots.

Do you want me to upload the entire story line to your FTP site?

Laura D

I'm not sure what is happening, but I have a file that will not publish.  When I click publish it goes as far as generating the files but then goes back to the publish window.

I cannot upload the file as it is customer content - but would appreciate any tips.

so far, I have

shortened the file path

shortened the file name  

deleted the audio file which was the last update (was publishing before)